Hemp Doctor - D8 Disposables


Our industry-leading Delta 8 strains now come in disposable vape pens! Each vape pen contains 1ml of Delta 8 THC and will launch you into another galaxy. Select from the most popular/strongest strains reported to Leafly.

Using the same Delta 8 THC distillate in our top-selling vape cartridges, these discreet Delta 8 disposable vape pens come fully charged and ready to go. They are rechargeable, with a common, Micro-USB charger. These 1ml premium Delta 8 THC disposables are derived from US-grown hemp and are federally legal.

We are bringing hemp to the twenty-first century, no more lighters, papers, or grinders. Have a D8 8 disposable at the tip of your fingers ready when you are. Try our Delta 8 THC disposable vapes today!

Want it? Come get it at Carolina Hemp Cabinet!


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